I am the granddaughter of Demos Shakarian, founder of Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International (FGBMFI).   As I share with others about my grandfather, my desire is to encourage all of us that as we follow God’s leading, we too can enlarge our vision and influence the world!

I pondered that some people may ask why after all this time; I decided to write about my grandfather and speak about his inspirational life story.

It’s simple.  I want to encourage everyone no matter what God’s call and purpose is for their life, to have the kind of faith and success in life, business and family that my grandfather achieved.  My hope is for you to realize your dream and special purpose.

Yes, these stories show how remarkable my grandfather was but he was also human, just like you and I.  It may seem to some like I’m bragging on him and when I think about it, I am!  But I want to make it clear that he was a regular guy and that’s what makes this story so amazing.

He not only had a lot of great victory’s and successes, but he had a lot of disappointments and struggles too.  Even though my book is filled with more victory’s and words from many wonderful people praising him for what he accomplished, this is what made my grandfather stand out to so many … he was just an ordinary man.  A humble Dairyman.

The Shakarian Legacy  pays tribute to Demos Shakarian and paves the way for future generations to hear his loving message.   My desire is to share with those that have never heard his story and be inspired by his life and his leaning on following God's voice.  This book is written from my heart, and from my viewpoint as his granddaughter; as I reflect on the times I spent with my grandparents and the stories that my grandfather, my grandmother, and so many others have shared with me.

I hope you cherish reading these stories as much as I cherished hearing them.  More importantly, my desire is that you are inspired, as I was, to listen more intently and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Be Blessed,

Cynthia Shakarian



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